Khorezm region

Chairman of the Council: Safarbayev Shavkat Khasanboyevich

The Deputy Group: Nurmetov Umid Ermamatovich

Address:183A.Bahodirhana str.,Urgench city                

Phone: 0 362 - 228 - 82 - 45

Fax: 0 362 - 228 - 82 - 41



The best young farmer is identified

UzLiDeP jointly with the Council of farmers of Uzbekistan organized the regional stage of the contest "Young Farmer-2017" in Khorezm. This traditional contest serves as a comprehensive support for young entrepreneurs, who are actively involved in the development of the farmers ' movement in our... more

Meeting of Shavkat Mirziyoev with voters of Khorezm region

On November 11 Candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from UzLiDeP, Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with the voters in Khorezm region. The meeting was opened by the chairman of the Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP Sh.Safarboev. As a result of the large-scale reforms implemented under... more

Regional seminar for farmers in Khorezm

In the field camp of the farm "Istiklol" in Khonkin district Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP and Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan held a regional seminar on the theme "Farmers of Uzbekistan - with international recognition" with the participation of farmers from Republic of... more

Special attention to the interests of women

In our country, issues of raising the authority of women in the family and in society, protection of motherhood and childhood, increase social and political activity and legal awareness of women, ensure their employment are some of the most important tasks. During the years of independence, the... more

The best mechanics were identified in Khorezm

Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP together with regional council of Farmers and other organizations organized the contest "Best mechanic" among mechanics in Kushkupir district dedicated to the 24th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan under the motto "You're unique, you are dear to me, my... more

The role of small and private businesses in tourism development

11.06.2015 y.     The department on work with women of  UzLiDeP council in Khorezm region organized practical seminar in Khiva. It was noted that the women's participation increases in the improvement and development of tourism in the country. - In the first quarter of this... more

Prospects of women farmers' movement discussed in Khorezm

UzLiDeP council in Khorezm region under the project «Women farmers» held the «round table» on «Women's participation in the farmers' movement: status and prospects» The main attention at the event was given to the issues of familiarizing women farmers with legal documents in the agricultural... more

Liberal MPs met with voters in Kitab and Urgench districts

The consideration of the issues received from the voters and reflection proposals in the legislative acts are priority for all political parties, in particular for the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen - Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. In this regard, MPs hold meetings with... more

Effective control of MPs discussed in Khorezm

In Urgench city, UzLiDeP organized a seminar on titled “Effective methods of interaction between party bodies and MPs in carrying out controlling functions of MPs Groups in local Council of People’s Deputies and execution of party tasks” with the participation of members of MPs group of UzLiDeP in... more

The lower link of UzLiDeP is active

05.05.2015 y.       The lower links in the structure of UzLiDeP Council in Urgench city show initiative in promoting the priorities of the party program, organizing various training seminars. One of such events was organized in LLC "RED FLOWER" by local Primary Party Organization... more