Samarkand region

Chairman of the Council: Holmukhammedov Murodilla Makhmudovich

Address: 82 Shakhrukh str., Samarkand city.

Phone: 0366 - 233-53-34

Fax: 0366 - 233-77-05



Residents of Kattakurgan are satisfied with UzLiDeP

The party group «UzLiDeP - invites for dialogue» provides close assistance in resolving pressing issues of concern to the population. Through this group, deputy Otabek Khatamov answered to voters' questions. During the dialogue, resident Yazdon Toshonov reported that residents of the Kattakurgan... more

Gardens - a source of abundance

Bulungur district council of UzLiDeP held a training seminar on the topic "Development of intensive gardening and wine-growing in Uzbekistan: achievements and priorities" in the makhalla "Guliston". The event included an exchange of views on the expansion of vineyards, taking into account soil... more

If the people are rich, then the state will be rich and powerful

On this theme, the Jambay district council of UzLiDeP held an event in the Jambay auto-road professional college. At the beginning of the event, information on the work carried out in our country in ensuring the effective operation of entrepreneurs, the employment of college graduates, and the... more

About 10 questions were discussed during the field visit

In order to further intensify the dialogue with the people, to study issues and problems that worry the people of remote areas, the Samarkand regional council of UzLiDeP, the deputies in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis and local Kengashs (Councils) of people's deputies continue to conduct a... more

People openly talk about their problems at field meetings

Samarkand Regional Council of UzLiDeP organized a field meeting in Kattakurgan city. – In our mahalla, there are often failures in providing electricity, - says resident of mahalla «Yoshlik» D. Mirzayeva. – Вesides that, it's impossible to walk through our street on rainy days. This creates a... more

Upbringing the young generation harmoniously developed is an urgent task

The processes of globalization require the implementation of effective measures in the enrichment of the spiritual world of our children, strengthening their ideological immunity, protecting their consciousness from various harmful alien ideas and trends. This was discussed during the event... more

Development of family business - in the center of UzLiDeP's attention

Primary party organization of UzLiDeP in the mahalla "Tepakurgan" of the Narpai district held a "round table" on "Development of the family business: problems and ways of their solution ". During the event, women and girls received the necessary recommendations on drafting a business plan and... more

Problems are solved

Samarkand Regional Council of UzLiDeP organized an exit reception of citizens to the mahalla " Olg‘a" in the Nurabad district. During the exit reception of citizens, the appeals of the population were considered. Citizens have directly addressed to the leaders of the relevant spheres and... more

Youth got acquainted with activity of the enterprise

Kattakurgan City Council of UzLiDeP in Ltd "Shamsiddin Bibihonim" organized a practical dialogue on the theme «Role of the Youth wing of UzLiDeP in involving youth in business and development of entrepreneurship in the regions». During the event, the head of the enterprise Sanobar Vohidova... more

Towards improving the legal culture of women

In Samarkand, a round table on «High legal culture and legal consciousness of the population is the basis of the rule of law and civil society» was organized by the Party's regional Council. – The event widely used positive successes of international practice in the development of civil society... more