If the people are rich, then the state will be rich and powerful

09.11.2017, 18:30

If the people are rich, then the state will be rich and powerful

On this theme, the Jambay district council of UzLiDeP held an event in the Jambay auto-road professional college.

At the beginning of the event, information on the work carried out in our country in ensuring the effective operation of entrepreneurs, the employment of college graduates, and the provision of concessional loans to young people who wish to engage in entrepreneurial activities was presented.

During the event, opinions and suggestions to further improve the efficiency of this naprovlenii were expressed.

It was noted that the created conditions, privileges and preferences are important in finding by young people their worthy place in the life of society, opening and developing their own business, providing employment for their peers.

Measures are being taken to actively involve young people in small business and private entrepreneurship. Such noble actions serve as an important factor in the growth of the well-being of families, ensuring employment of the population, and achieving economic stability.

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Saidorif2018-04-24 16:33:33

Осуществляемая в нашей стране колоссальная созидательная работа, происходящие преобразования и обновления послужат реализации высокого экономического потенциала нашей Родины и дальнейшему росту благосостояния народа.