Winners of the “Ishbilarmon Ayol” contest determined in Baliqchi

18.05.2022, 11:09

Winners of the “Ishbilarmon Ayol” contest determined in Baliqchi

Andijan hosted the district stage of the competition “Ishbilarmon Ayol”. 18 women presented their products at the competition.

“All-round support for women, their activity in ensuring a better future for the country, participation in the socio-political life of society create the image of a modern woman entrepreneur”, said Nafisa Khakimova, Deputy Chairman of the Baliqchi District Council of UzLiDeP for Women’s Issues. – This competition is another step towards this goal. The competition jury also evaluated the creation of additional jobs by the participants, the production of export-oriented or import-substituting products, and the provision of services to the population. It is gratifying that during the competition, women entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange experiences.

Following the competition, the first place was taken by a private entrepreneur, designer and farmer Kuchkorova Ezozakhon working in “Kurgoncha” CAM of Baliqchi district.

The winners of three more nominations were awarded diplomas of various degrees and memorable gifts.

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