Deputy solves problems of voters by working in mahallas

01.08.2022, 09:42

Deputy solves problems of voters by working in mahallas

The deputies elected to Fergana City Council of UzLiDeP hold several charitable events and provide practical assistance to the population. The deputy of the Fergana City Council Sherzodbek Islambekov also holds meetings with voters 2 times a month, Business training for young people who want to start entrepreneurship, provides material assistance to families on the lists of “Ayollar Daftari” (Women’s Notebook) and “Temir Daftari” (Iron Notebook) to improve their standard of living, visiting their apartments in mahallas.

In particular, voters were visited in the mahalla citizens’ assemblies “Bakhor” and “Furkat”. As a result, deputy requests were prepared to the leadership of the city JSC Electric Networks on 4 identified issues and 2 more problems. The problems are mainly related to the obstacles that arise when registering housing and placing children in preschool education institutions, as well as low voltage in the power grid in the territory.

During practical events, along with solving problems in the region, the deputy provided information on the most important political processes of today – constitutional reforms.

At the meeting, the deputy distributed food to about 20 elderly people. Deputies continue to organize such kind and useful events for our people.

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