IT Technologies: Meeting on a current issue

05.08.2022, 17:05

IT Technologies: Meeting on a current issue

In the center “Barkamol Avlod” in Bukhara region, there are center in which they increase the interest of schoolchildren in professions. Such centers play an important role in the development of independent thinking of children, mastering the basics of science. One of them is a center where children gain knowledge and skills in IT technologies. The Head of the state pays special attention to the development of this area, as evidenced by the goals and objectives put forward at the recent videoconference meeting chaired by the President.

At the meeting, organized by the regional and Bukhara city councils of UzLiDep in the center “Barkamol Avlod”, they talked about the priority tasks outlined in the report of the Head of state on the development of the IT sector.

Speaking at the meeting with schoolchildren and their mentors, the Head of the Department of the regional council of the party for working with youth and business structures Firdavs Pirnazarov, Deputy Chairman of the UzLiDeP City Council for youth issues Dilfuza Sulaymonova and others noted that in Bukhara, as well as throughout the country, for those youth interested in IT technologies, all the conditions have been created, however, as the President said, work in this direction should be intensified, since the 21st century is the century of information technologies.

It is not without reason that the One Million Uzbek Coders project is being implemented in the country. In the next 5 years, Uzbekistan plans to export IT services up to $1 billion, which indicates a bright future for the sector.

At the meeting with the participation of young people interested in IT technologies, support was noted for the work of the youth of Bukhara in this sphere.

The organizers gave detailed answers to the questions of the participants of the event.

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