A competition uniting business women

10.08.2022, 17:05

A competition uniting business women

For the past 7 years, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has been holding a competition “Ishbilarmon Ayol” (Businesswoman). This competition, which has covered 80,000 businesswomen over the past period, is being held this year in a different format. Unlike past years, this year the competition is held under the motto “In New Uzbekistan, the dignity of a person, the interests of people are the highest value” and the winners of the regional and republican stages of the competition will be announced.

The first stage of the competition was organized in Surkhandarya region. It was attended by women entrepreneurs from 14 districts of the city of Termez and the region, who won the district stages. The competition was organized at the territorial branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the city of Termez, where the participants presented their own products.

To determine the winners, the jury led by the Chairman of Surkhandarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP, Alisher Ruziyev, evaluated the products of the participants. The jury members also drew attention to the number of jobs created by the contestants, the quality, demand, and export potential of products.

At the competition, the 1st place was taken by the head of LLC Maftuna Shurchi Design of Shurchi district Gulsara Tangirova, the 2nd place was taken by the head of Boysun Afruzbek family enterprise Khadicha Rakhimberdiyeva, the 3rd place was taken by a private entrepreneur, a master of carpet production from Sherabad Shokhida Khasanova. Winners were determined in 5 more nominations, all of them were awarded diplomas and valuable gifts.

Winner of the 1st place of the competition, head of LLC Maftuna Shurchi Design, Gulsara Tangirova:

– Our sewing workshop is located in Tula mahalla of Shurchi district. 131 women work in the workshop. We mainly sew and sell school uniforms, women’s and men’s clothing, and bedding on the local market. Along with the main work, we train students. I took part in the competition “Ishbilarmon Ayol”, which this year is held in an elevated spirit. I am glad that the party pays attention to our activities and contributes to solving problems. This allows expanding the ranks of women entrepreneurs.

Winner of the 2nd place of the competition, head of the family enterprise Boysun Afruzbek, Khadicha Rakhimberdiyeva:

– I am engaged in entrepreneurship for 26 years. I sew national costumes, prayer mats, bags from silk, woolen, cotton fiber and from olachi. Our products are in great demand among foreign tourists. I took part in republican festivals, received gratitude several times. I am a member of UzLiDeP, a party that supports women artisans like me. Glad to be the winner of this competition. This gives impetus to the expansion of activities.

Winner of the 3rd place of the competition, master of carpet production from Sherabad, Shokhida Khasanova:

– I took part in the competition as a private entrepreneur from Sherabad district. We produce handmade carpets from wool and cotton fibers. I have employed 35 people in the district mahalla Taroqli. UzLiDeP’s support for businesswomen and holding such events give us motivation to intensify our activities.

Press Service of Surkhandarya

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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