Deputies heard the report of the Head of the Housing and Communal Department of Syrdarya region

13.09.2022, 10:59

Deputies heard the report of the Head of the Housing and Communal Department of Syrdarya region

In Syrdarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP, parliamentary hearings were organized on the work carried out in the region to ensure the implementation of 100 goals outlined in the State Program of Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan, designed for 2022-2026 and its implementation in the Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development.

They report of the Head of the Regional Housing and Communal Management B. Samatov was heard. As it was stated in the report, in the territory of 3 cities and 8 districts of the region there are only 1833 apartment buildings, 1785 of them are serviced by 31 management service companies, and 13 by 1 private association of homeowners. 15 of these houses are 7-storey, 156 are 5-storey, 263 are 4-storey, 25 are 3-storey and 1,374 are 2-storey. There are 35,663 apartments in the houses, in which more than 124 thousand people live.

Also, to fulfill the resolution of the Head of the state “On measures to implement the programs “Prosperous Village” and “Prosperous Mahalla” in the region, 21 mahallas are included in the program. Within the framework of the program, it is planned to reconstruct 30 structures and lay 119.2 km of networks. For these purposes, 30.9 billion UZS are required. To date, project documents have been prepared and submitted for examination.

Currently, contractors are carrying out repair work, repair of the roofs of 14 houses, entrances of 66 houses and facades of 14 houses have been completed.

At the meeting of the deputy group, the work carried out was positively assessed, however, some shortcomings were also noted. A corresponding resolution was adopted by the deputy group on the timely elimination of identified problems.

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