Today, UzLiDeP focuses on the main problem of the population.

19.12.2022, 11:38

Today, UzLiDeP focuses on the main problem of the population.

“It is wrong to assume that only the government should solve the problems of the population on cold winter days, we are all obliged to take part in eliminating emerging problems”, activists, deputies and entrepreneurs of UzLiDeP say

Problems arose in certain regions of the country with the onset of winter cold.

The Government is making every effort to address the difficulties faced by the population.

Representatives of the central and regional councils of UzLiDeP, the deputy corps elected from the party, the entrepreneurial activists of the party do not stand aside in the current situation. They try to be close to people, study the problems in detail and provide practical assistance in solving them.

All structures of the party, regional, district councils, primary party organizations, are taking an active part in this process.

Residents of the “Keng Kichik” CAM in Zangiata district faced the problem of regular interruption of power supply during these cold days.

Ilkhom Ikramov, elected from UzLiDeP as a deputy to Zangiata District Council of People’s Deputies, got acquainted with the appeal of residents on this issue. With the participation of the head of the district power supply company, he studied the problem on the spot and took measures to positively solve the problem. As a result, a transformer of the TP-208 brand was replaced in a short time, through which electricity is supplied to 250 households in this territory.

Residents expressed their gratitude to the deputy for his diligence and to the representatives of the sphere, who, despite the cold, took their work responsibly and replaced the transformer as soon as possible.

Zukhro Mirzokhamdamova,

Department Head at Tashkent Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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