Food reserve for winter

19.12.2022, 09:50

Food reserve for winter

More than 250 hard-to-reach settlements in winter have a sufficient reserve of basic types of food.

Minister of Agriculture Aziz Voitov spoke about it at the “Government Hour” of the Legislative Chamber.

Hearings at the “Government Hour” were organized at the initiative of UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber.

Minister Aziz Voitov presented for the deputies an information on the work on guaranteed provision of the population with the main types of agricultural products for winter and the formation of a favorable agribusiness environment in the sphere.

As noted, this year Uzbekistan has procured 23.5 million tons of food products. These are 11.6 million tons of vegetables, 2.5 million tons of gourds, 3.5 million tons of potatoes, 3.0 million tons of fruits, 1.9 million tons of grapes, 535.2 thousand tons of legumes, 515.5 thousand tons of rice, 7.2 million tons of grain.

To date, 12.4 thousand tons of food have been delivered to hard-to-reach mountainous territories and remote steppe zones, in particular, 1,622 tons of vegetable oil, 1,828 tons of sugar, 1,692 tons of rice, and 7.9 thousand tons of potatoes.

It was reported that the responsible departments – the Ministry of Agriculture, hokimiyats – carried out the necessary activity to form a reserve of basic types of food for winter.

A reserve of basic types of food for winter period has been prepared in the amount of more than 600 thousand tons, which is much higher than the forecast figure.

At the “Government Hour”, the deputies received detailed answers to their questions.

Aktam Khaitov,

Head of UzLiDeP faction in the

Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

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