Care for youth is the duty of the state and society

25.03.2023, 14:34

Care for youth is the duty of the state and society

Samarkand Regional Council of UzLiDeP and Samarkand State University of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology hosted a meeting with youth under the motto “This is my choice – this is my Constitution!”.

The draft Constitutional Law includes many norms in education from the point of view of the approach inherent in the social state. The number of norms relating to education and science has been doubled.

The Constitution defines the possibility of educating citizens in higher education institutions at the expense of state grants. Until 2017, the number of state educational grants in universities was decreasing, in the last six years the situation has changed in this direction. The number of grants has been doubled and amounted to 40,000, for master’s studies, the number of grants has been increased by 5 times.

The Constitution strengthens the obligations of the state to protect the honor and dignity of teachers, ensure their social and material well-being, and opportunities for professional growth.

These norms will contribute to the professional growth, strengthening the authority and status in society of more than 685 thousand teachers in our country.

Higher education institutions are guaranteed academic freedom, the right to self-government, research and free learning by the Constitution. The inclusion of this norm in the Basic Law will create a basis for limiting the participation of the state in the educational and research process of universities and research institutions, ensuring the independence of professors, teachers and students in the educational process.

Representatives of the party who spoke at the meeting called on students to demonstrate their civic position at the nationwide referendum to be held in Uzbekistan on April 30 this year.

Nasiba Muminova,

Head of the Department of Samarkand

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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