UzLiDeP: together to an open society!

30.03.2023, 15:55

UzLiDeP: together to an open society!

The Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is organizing talks, meetings, events dedicated to explaining the essence and significance of the draft Constitutional law “On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

The next event, organized at the initiative of the Karakalpak Council of UzLiDeP, took place in the open area of the Palace of Culture of the Ellikkala district.

The event, held under the motto “Together – to an open society!”, was attended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP A. Khaitov, employees of the Karakalpak Party Council, deputies of the district Council of People’s Deputies, representatives of the general public.

Representatives of the party noted that at present all the ongoing work is aimed at ensuring the dignity of a person, the basis of the changes introduced to the Basic Law is the great idea “In the name of human dignity”, which determines the essence of the reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan.

As emphasized by the speakers, the Basic Law for the first time, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international treaties, establishes the right of everyone to apply to international bodies for the protection of human rights and freedoms if the state’s internal remedies have been exhausted. Thus, the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens is ensured not only by the norms of national legislation, but also based on the international law. Another noteworthy aspect is that the state guarantees the creation of conditions for citizens to use the Internet.

Each person who is legally located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan has the right to free movement on the territory of the country, to choose a place of stay and residence, with the exception of restrictions established by law. Everyone has the right to travel outside the country. Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan have the right to unhindered return to Uzbekistan. Now, with the inclusion of this norm, free movement on the territory of the country is fixed as the highest legal norm.

Inclusion in the Constitution of a separate chapter on civil society institutions and guaranteeing their activities creates a solid foundation for creating an atmosphere of openness, transparency, legality in society, strengthening the dialogue between the state and society and establishing effective public control.

The project also notes that the basis of the economy of Uzbekistan is property in its various forms, guarantees of freedom of economic activity, entrepreneurship, creation of conditions for free fair competition, ensuring equal legal protection of all forms of ownership are outlined.

UzLiDeP is the initiator and bearer of the liberal-democratic concept, fully supports the changes and new norms introduced into the Constitution.

Opinions were expressed that the draft Constitution is consonant with the program goals of UzLiDeP, fully reflects the interests of the party’s electorate, is aimed at realizing the hopes of the people, and therefore, without hesitation, it should be called the People’s Constitution.

Party activists, entrepreneurs, veterans, youth also spoke at the event and called on everyone not to be indifferent to the historical law that determines the fate and tomorrow of the people and to take an active part in the upcoming April 30 referendum. The event continued with a concert program, the performances of pop artists gave a good mood to the participants of the event.

Following the event, party representatives visited district business entities, farms, mahallas, where they continued campaigning activities.

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