UzLiDeP hosts an event in Khorezm

01.04.2023, 14:25

UzLiDeP hosts an event in Khorezm

At the initiative of Khorezm Regional Council of UzLiDeP, an event dedicated to the essence and significance of the draft Constitutional law “On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was held in the open-air amphitheater of Yangiariq district.

The event, held under the motto “Well-being of a person, freedom to society, responsibility to the state!”, was attended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, senators, employees of the regional council of the party, deputies of the regional, district councils of people’s deputies, members of the general public.

Representatives of the party noted that an important political process is taking place these days – an important, comprehensively developed constitutional and legal framework is being created, aimed at ensuring the irreversibility of the reforms being carried out in the country and corresponding to the updates taking place in the country. The norms introduced into the Basic Law are of great importance for the present day and the future of the country. In this process, UzLiDeP, a supporter of the liberalization and democratization of society, promotes the slogans “We choose openness and transparency!”, “Together towards an open society!”. It was noted that the ideological activity of a political force is the initiative to promote constitutional reforms, the consonance of ideas about improving the Basic Law and the program views of the party.

As the speakers emphasized, the document defines the norms in accordance with which the state assumes obligations to reduce poverty and protect citizens from unemployment. In general, the number of norms on social obligations of the state has been tripled.

For the first time, the state is obliged to improve the quality of life of socially needy segments of the population, to create conditions for the full participation of persons with disabilities in the life of society and the state.

The deputies noted that the state assumes obligations to create conditions for persons with disabilities to access social, economic, cultural facilities and services, to assist in employment and recreation, which is a clear reflection of the principle of a welfare state.

Party activists, entrepreneurs, youth representatives delivered speeches at the event and called on the participants not to be indifferent to the fate of the people, the historical law that determines our tomorrow and on April 30 to vote for the updated Constitution. The event continued with a large concert program with the participation of famous artists.

UzLiDeP Press Service

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