UzLiDeP representatives call on the population to actively participate in the referendum

14.04.2023, 16:39

UzLiDeP representatives call on the population to actively participate in the referendum

A campaign dedicated to the referendum on the draft Constitutional law was organized in Buvayda district at the initiative of Fergana Regional Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. The open-air event was held with the participation of more than 1.5 thousand representatives from various spheres. The essence and significance of the updated Constitution were discussed.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov noted that in the first Article of the Constitution, Uzbekistan is proclaimed a social state. The norms concerning the social obligations of the state are increased almost three times.

For example, the right of every citizen to housing is fixed. The implementation of this norm will serve to provide every citizen, including young families, with their housing, to increase the level of people’s satisfaction with their lives.

For reference: last year, conditions were created in Uzbekistan for 50,000 families to receive new apartments, and this year it is planned to provide housing for 90,000 families. The necessary measures are being taken to bring this indicator to 200,000 in the next 2-3 years.

In addition, in accordance with the new version of the Constitution, no one can be deprived of housing without a court decision and in a manner contrary to law, and the owner deprived of his home is provided with preliminary and equivalent compensation for the cost of housing and losses incurred by him (at market value).

It should be noted that the draft law also provides the population with guaranteed free medical care. In general, in the updated Constitution, the norms related to the protection of public health have been increased by 4 times. This is important in the reliable protection of public health, reducing maternal and child mortality and infectious diseases.

This year, the Guaranteed Services Package will be revised, which will fully cover diagnostic, treatment and preventive services for 20 types of diseases.

The types of free tests in primary care for the 20 most common diseases will be increased from 15 to 25, examinations – from 10 to 20, drugs – from 64 to 90.

The deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis M. Khujayeva, M. Ibragimova, the Chairman of Sokh District Council of the Party Kh. Yormatov, the Chairman of Fergana Regional Council R. Kamolov and others spoke about the necessity and importance of the draft Constitutional law. Speakers called on everyone to vote in support of the draft law at the upcoming referendum.

The participants enjoyed a concert program by artists presented following the event.

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