The renewed Constitution – a guarantee of peaceful and tranquil days

15.04.2023, 15:06

The renewed Constitution – a guarantee of peaceful and tranquil days

Gijduvan district administration hosted an open-air event, organized at the initiative of regional and district councils of UzLiDeP. The event took place in a festive and cheerful spirit. This aroused in the hearts of its participants high confidence in the future of the independent Motherland, boundless hope for the present day and future.

The campaign was attended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov, deputies of the lower house of the parliament and the local council, party activists, leading entrepreneurs and farmers, women, youth and media representatives.

The party leader noted that the steps taken towards the supreme goal of building a New Uzbekistan required the need for updating the Basic Law, and the idea that Uzbekistan is a welfare state was taken as the main criterion in the newly revised document. He mentioned that in the process of re-drafting our constitution, the suggestions and wishes of the people were taken into account, and the document will be accepted by voting for it in a referendum.

The norms aimed at developing the national economy and entrepreneurship, improving the investment environment in the country, and further strengthening property protection are introduced in the updated Basic Law. The confidentiality of bank deposits, bank transactions and accounts is also guaranteed. It is being strengthened that taxes and fees are fair and do not prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights.

Emma Aslonova, deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, believes that according to the updated Constitution, the state provides a favorable investment and business environment. This norm serves to increase the confidence of investors, to ensure reliable protection of the rights and legal interests of entrepreneurs.

Madina Barotova, a deputy of the lower house of the parliament, noted that the new version of the Basic Law provides comprehensive protection of the rights, interests and freedoms of our people, and that the human factor has been taken as the highest goal in all articles of the Constitution.

Bekhbud Jumayev, Chairman of the Regional Veterans’ Council of the party, holder of the “El-Yurt Hurmati” order, addressed the event and said that labor veterans are truly becoming our pride in the country, that today human value is above all else, that the principle of “Person – society – state” is gaining priority.

It is noteworthy that this important and philanthropic process is now reflected in the Constitution, so young and old have decided to vote unanimously in the referendum to be held on April 30.

– It has been many years since I started entrepreneurship, – says Zamira Safarova, an entrepreneur and deputy of the district council. – If I started my career with only 2-3 people, today I am managing the private enterprise Gijduvon Mashkhurasi with 45 employees. As a result of the activity of our business entity, which mainly specializes in the production of construction and finishing materials, we are exporting our products to several countries, such as Türkiye, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, and the Netherlands. All our achievements are thanks to the opportunities created for industry workers in our country. I will participate in the referendum together with my family members and my team. I call on everyone to vote in favor of the New Constitution, which guarantees the development of our country, peace and tranquility of our country, and the well-being of our people.

The head of the farm “Madaniyat Muhammad Ismat” in Bukhara district, Hero of Uzbekistan, deputy of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies Muhammad Akhmedov also addressed the event and noted that the cluster system, which is fully justifying itself, is yielding results in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan, and this is especially evident in the activities of cotton textile clusters.

Songs and attractive dances performed by local artists gave everyone a festive mood.

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