UzLiDeP organizes an event dedicated to the referendum campaign in Chirchik city

15.04.2023, 15:04

UzLiDeP organizes an event dedicated to the referendum campaign in Chirchik city

The Palace of Culture “Kimyogarlar” in Chirchik city, one of the peaceful places of Tashkent region, hosted a campaign under the slogan “This is my choice – this is my Constitution!” in a festive and upbeat spirit.

The open-air event was attended by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov, member of the Senate Mahmud Toir, deputies of the lower house of parliament Dilbar Usmanova, Atkham Nazirkulov, Nodirbek Abduvaliyev and deputies of the local council, Honored Cultural Worker of Uzbekistan, poet Bobur Bobomurod, Chairman of the Board of Maxam-Chirchiq Khotam Saidahmedov, Rector of Chirchik State Pedagogical University Gafurjon Muhammedov, representatives of the general public, figures of science and culture, intellectuals and young people.

The participants held colorful posters with the inscriptions “Yours”, “Mine”, “Ours”, “The Constitution is ours!”, “This is my choice – my Constitution!”, “We vote for freedom!”, as well as white flags with the inscription “Referendum of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2023”.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov opened the event and said that the content of the updated Constitution is aimed at more stable development of Uzbekistan. He noted that implementation of the constitutional reform through a referendum based on the opinion and support of our citizens will create a thorough ground for the people’s Constitution to be an expression of the will of the people. He emphasized that the updated Basic Law is the first legal document to be directly adopted by the people, and that every vote in the referendum will be of great importance.

He emphasized that our Basic Law, which is created by our people today in proportion to the changes taking place in society, will be a reliable guarantee of our more comfortable and prosperous life tomorrow.

Senator, People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Mahmud Toir expressed his opinion on the fact that the new edition of the Constitution is the people’s constitution. He drew attention to the fact that the blessing of peace and the Basic Law, which is ruling in the country, is making people even more cohesive at a time when the dangerous life in the countries of the world separates children from their fathers, women from their beloved husbands, and mothers from their children. He recited his works on the happiness of New Uzbekistan, which lies in unity and cohesiveness.

Deputies of local councils of people’s deputies noted that the proposals made based on the program goals and tasks of the party were reflected in the draft law. Most of these changes have been long-awaited by our entrepreneurs and farmers, and they have especially recognized that they are extremely important for the owner class.

The Rector of Chirchik State Pedagogical University Gafurjon Muhammedov mentioned that extensive efforts are being made to ensure that Uzbekistan ranks among the 30 countries with the highest rating in the world in terms of the level of education and intellectual development. In recent years, the achievement of this ambitious goal has been reflected in the program of UzLiDeP, and accordingly, the norms related to education and science have been increased by almost 2 times in the updated Constitution. He emphasized that enshrining the norm that “everyone has the right to free higher education based on the selection in the state educational institutions” in the new version of the Constitution serves to ensure the guarantee of this task at the constitutional level. He said that it is commendable that the right to free higher education in state education institutions is guaranteed by the state to support talented young people in the context of this provision. He called for active participation in the national referendum without being indifferent to the country’s bright prospects.

Honored cultural worker of Uzbekistan, poet Bobur Bobomurod said that the Constitution in the new version is not only a document to be remembered on a holiday, it is not a booklet, it is a guide to be carried on the chest, a dictionary that can be used as a program. He urged the youth to take part in the referendum without being indifferent to the fate of the country and their future, and to stick together in the path of the noble task of building New Uzbekistan.

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis emphasized that for the first time in history, Uzbekistan is defined as a welfare state, that is, attention and care for people are strengthened as the most important duty of the state and society. They noted that the norms of the Constitution related to the obligations of the state in the social sphere are tripled.

They called on all those who gathered at the event to actively participate in a very important political event, where the final decision will be defined by the popular vote.

Several professors, students, athletes shared their opinions on the draft Constitutional law. They emphasized that every article of the new version of the Constitution serves human dignity.

At the festive event, famous singers Toshpulat Matkarimov, Anvar Ganiyev, Kaniza sang songs of youth, love and the motherland.

At the event, representatives of different nationalities performed dances and songs about the peaceful life in the country.


Department Head at Tashkent Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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