Let’s build an open society together

15.04.2023, 14:59

Let’s build an open society together

At the initiative of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, open-air events are being held across the country to promote the essence and significance of the draft Constitutional law “On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. They are attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, representatives and activists of the party, all segments of the population.

Another event under the motto “Together towards an open society!” took place on the University Street of Almazar district, in Tashkent. The event was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Tashkent city and district councils of people’s deputies, residents of the district, youth, entrepreneurs, party activists.

Speakers noted that today all the actions taken are aimed at exalting human dignity. The basis of the amendments introduced to the Basic Law is a great idea “In the name of human value”, which determines the essence of the reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan. This is the main significance of the constitutional amendments. The people are fully aware of the essence of the current historical reforms. Improving the Constitution of the country based on studying the opinions of the people will provide an opportunity to bring the ongoing reforms to a qualitatively new level, improve the standard of living of people, and take Uzbekistan among the most advanced countries.

Representatives of the party – entrepreneurs, cluster leaders, farmers, emphasized that their proposals made during the discussion of the draft Constitutional law are reflected in the draft of the updated Constitution. The new version of the Constitution reflects several norms aimed at protecting the interests of entrepreneurs and businesspeople – the electorate of the party.

It should be noted that most of the changes are important innovations that entrepreneurs and farmers have been waiting for and that are of particular importance to the class of owners. For example, the draft defines the obligations of the state to develop market relations, ensure a favorable investment and business environment, and create conditions for fair competition. Such norms as the state guarantees freedom of economic activity, entrepreneurship and labor, entrepreneurs have the right to carry out any activity not prohibited by law, independently choose the direction of their activity, and receive income are also important. The definition of the norm on the inviolability of private property is especially timely for members and the electorate of the party. Therefore, without a doubt, this document can be called the People’s Constitution.

In the document, a separate chapter is devoted to the youth issue, which indicates the priority of youth policy in New Uzbekistan. Party representatives noted that taking into account that young people make up more than 18 million people of the total population of the country, by 2040 this figure could reach 25 million, a separate chapter on the youth issue is being introduced into the Constitution. At the same time, giving universities academic freedom, determining the right to receive free higher education at the expense of the state based on competition, rules on supporting non-state education institutions provide the younger generation with the opportunity to realize their aspirations, improve life, find their place in society by acquiring professions, and improve themselves.

At the event, party activists, entrepreneurs, veterans called on those present not to remain indifferent to the historical law that determines the fate of the people and to vote for the updated Constitution in a referendum to be held on April 30.

The event ended with a concert program with the participation of pop artists.

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Tashkent City Council of UzLiDeP

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