The renewed Constitution – the guarantor of a free and comfortable life

25.04.2023, 17:45

The renewed Constitution – the guarantor of a free and comfortable life

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov, deputy of Jizzakh regional council of people’s deputies, Heroes of Uzbekistan Anorboy Eshmatov, a group of party activists in Arnasay and Zafarabad districts of Jizzakh region met with residents of mahallas, owners of household land, women working at sewing enterprises and held conversations about the upcoming referendum and amendments introduced to the renewed Constitution.

The citizens’ assembly of “Babur” mahalla is one of the exemplary territories of Arnasay district. 515 families live in the mahalla. The total population is 3457 people. Friendship and harmony reigning here last year ensured the mahalla victory in the Participatory Budgeting program. The project put forward by the residents for asphalting the 1800-meter mahalla road became the winner of the program.

Today in the mahalla you will see the well-groomed homestead lands of each family. Residents of the mahalla are excellent farmers and can get two crops a year and a decent income even from small areas. One of these farmers is Akhmadjon Murodov, the owner of the badge “Namunali Tomorqkachi”.

During the conversation, organized in one of the exemplary families, in the house of Shomigul Ganiyeva, the leader of the party informed the audience about the upcoming referendum and the draft Constitutional Law. In particular, he noted that the solution to all issues will be carried out at the level of the mahalla, which is the voice of the people. As it was noted, in the renewed Constitution, it is planned to provide mahallas with the powers to independently solve the daily problems of the population, and organizational and financial opportunities are being created for this.

All this will serve to strengthen accountability, transparency in government, effective decision-making and increase their effectiveness.

The conversations in Zafarabad district began at the Chelebi Textile garment factory. This factory is the result of reforms carried out in recent years in the countryside. Currently, this enterprise has organized work in three shifts, employing more than 300 women. The manufactured products are mainly exported abroad.

During the conversation at the factory, it was noted that the constitutional norms provide for the preservation and strengthening of our independence, the irreversibility of reforms carried out in the name of the interests of people, the priority of law and justice, attention and care for people, and that these important values are fixed as the basis of our statehood.

After carefully listening to the party leader’s speech, the women workers unanimously chanted “The Constitution is Mine, the Constitution is Yours, the Constitution is Ours”, which gave a particularly joyful mood to the participants of the event.

The next conversation was held at the district citizens’ assembly of “Birlik” mahalla. Currently, 5,391 household landowners work on 354 hectares in Zafarabad. In accordance with the principle of “One mahalla – one product”, in this mahalla, the owners of household land are mainly engaged in potato cultivation. During the conversation, held in the house of the owner of the household land, Izatoy Mallayeva, information was provided on the upcoming referendum and the essence of the renewed Constitution.

As the leader of the party noted, the renewed Constitution includes norms aimed at further development of the national economy and entrepreneurship, improvement of the investment environment in the country and strengthening the protection of private property.

The law guarantees the privacy of bank deposits, banking operations and settlement accounts.

A norm is being introduced stating that taxes and fees must be fair and must not interfere with the exercise by citizens of their constitutional rights. At the event, which was held in the spirit of open and sincere dialogue, the participants received answers to their questions.

Residents of the district expressed their opinion that they are not indifferent to the upcoming political process, which plays an important role in the life of the country, the people, and at the referendum on April 30 they will vote for the renewed Constitution.

Press Service of

Jizzakh Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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