This is our land, our motherland, our Constitution!

28.04.2023, 18:00

This is our land, our motherland, our Constitution!

Kashkadarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP hosted an event dedicated to the upcoming referendum in connection with the introduced amendments to the Basic Law of the country under the motto “This is my choice – this is my Constitution” in the city of Karshi, on the square of the Regional Musical Drama Theater named after M. Toshmukhamedov.

Addressing the event, Aktam Khaitov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP, noted that in recent years, important laws, decrees and resolutions of the Head of state aimed at developing entrepreneurship and creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activity have been adopted, the norms in this direction are fixed in the constitutional order. The renewed Basic Law creates a solid legal basis for the optimal solution of several problems of the people, the changes being made create conditions for the development of entrepreneurship – the main driving force of the economy, free circulation of goods, services, labor and financial resources.

Speakers at the event spoke about the essence and significance of the national referendum. They noted that the improvement of the Constitution will serve to bring the reforms carried out in the country to a new level, improve the well-being of people, provide employment through the development of entrepreneurship, exalt the value of a person. The participants also emphasized that the basis of the Constitution is the idea “In the name of human value”, defining the essence of the reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan, and the main goal is to strengthen the guarantees of human rights and freedoms. The issues reflected in the Basic Law on the role of women in society and increasing the socio-political activity of young people were also discussed in detail.

“The state undertakes to create conditions for youth for spiritual, intellectual, creative, physical development, education, health, housing, employment, and recreation”, said Zarina Norboyeva, a student of Karshi State University. – These norms are important not only for ensuring the interests of young people, but also for the fate of the whole country. At the same time, the norms on granting universities the right to academic freedom, obtaining higher education in state educational organizations on a competitive basis at the expense of the state with the support of non-governmental non-profit organizations provide the younger generation with the opportunity to improve their lives, realize their aspirations, master modern professions and find their place in life.

“Norms on the development of the national economy and entrepreneurship, improvement of the investment environment, strengthening the protection of property are being introduced into the renewed Constitution”, said MP Nargiza Salomova, head of the non-state institution “Sitora Imkon Plus” of Yakkabag district. – The privacy of banking transactions, deposits and accounts is also guaranteed. Determining the norm that taxes and fees are fair and do not interfere with the exercise by citizens of their constitutional rights provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The provision by the government of a favorable investment and business environment will strengthen investor confidence. The entrepreneur, confident in the inviolability of his property, will strive to overcome new frontiers.

Article 65 of the Constitution states: “Private property is inviolable. An owner cannot be deprived of his property except in the cases and in the manner prescribed by law and based on a court decision”.

The participants of the event urged everyone not to remain indifferent to the historical document that guarantees a bright future, sustainable economic development, well-being of the people, and to take an active part in the upcoming April 30 referendum.

Press Service of UzLiDeP

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