Delegates elected to the regional conference

24.05.2023, 18:06

Delegates elected to the regional conference

These days, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is holding pre-election events – regional conferences.

Participants of party conferences – representatives of the electorate and leaders of primary party organizations are actively discussing the issues of electing delegates to the XI Party Congress.

One of these events took place in the “Taraqqiyot” mahalla of Kagan district of Bukhara region. The conference of the district council of UzLiDeP was attended by responsible persons of the party, deputies of the local Council of People’s deputies, delegates, and representatives of partner organizations.

The priority tasks facing the party organization in preparation for the forthcoming July 9 elections of the President of the country were defined at the conference. In particular, the need was noted for the timely and in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation to collect signatures in support of the presidential candidate.

Chairman of the district council of UzLiDeP O. Ochildiyeva, head of staff Sh. Buronov, Deputy of the Local Council of People’s Deputies M. Sharipova, party activist, labor veteran J. Kushshayev, leader of the PPO J. Kuchiyev, and others noted that this year was full of important political events for the country and people. The presidential election will remain a bright page in history as another political event to which the world community will pay close attention. Understanding this vital truth and having voted for a worthy candidate for the sake of their well-being and the happiness of their children, our compatriots will determine their future.

“The peculiarity of the current conference is that, having previously determined the tasks that need to be completed before an important political process, we switched to a new system of work”, said Oliya Ochildiyeva, Chairperson of the Council. “We are on the eve of a responsible process. In cooperation with party activists and deputies of local councils, it is necessary to seriously prepare for this process at a high level and ensure worthy participation of the party in the elections”.

On the issues discussed at the event, appropriate decisions were made, and delegates were elected to the conference of the regional party organization.

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