Delegates from party activists elected in Pakhtaabad

24.05.2023, 18:07

Delegates from party activists elected in Pakhtaabad

A regular conference of Pakhtaabad District Council of UzLiDeP took place in Andijan.

The conference was attended by employees of the regional council of the party, deputies, and media representatives.

Pakhtaabad District Council has 59 primary party organizations. Their ranks unite 6,602 members.

The participants discussed the effective participation of party organizations in the forthcoming July 9 presidential elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was noted that in the outreach activities of this necessary political process, which will determine the fate and future of the country and people, each member of the primary organization of the party must make a worthy contribution. The event developed practical mechanisms for organizing a high level of outreach work and excellent election participation.

On this day, the candidates for the regional conference were studied in due course. The participants elected the most deserving two candidates as delegates to the next meeting.

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