Resident of Pastargоm plans to earn 10 million sum from 1.5 acres of land

04.04.2018, 15:14

Resident of Pastargоm plans to earn 10 million sum from 1.5 acres of land

Recently, activists of the Samarkand regional council of UzLiDeP visited houses and communicated with people who effectively use their personal plots

– We help prepare the land for planting seeds, deliver seeds and seedlings, and directly assist in the care of vegetables for those who experience difficulties using their own land, – said the chairman of the mahalla, depute of the Pastdargom district council of people's deputies D. Umerov. – At the same time, the organization of demonstration seminars and the dissemination of the experience of who lead successful work on their personal plots has become a good tradition.

– Our home plot consists of 8 acres of land, on 3 acres I built 2 greenhouses, – said A. Khamraev. – I get a good harvest of vegetables and cereal crops three times a year. Currently, I planted 750 tomato seedlings in one greenhouse, in the future I plan to get from the sale of tomatoes about 10 million sum.

At the event, it was agreed to hold such practical events in other districts of the region.


of Samarkand regionаl council of UzLiDeP

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Soatova Dilobar2020-07-05 11:39:48

Bu faoliyatni men ham uz xonadonimda yulgsa kuymokciman lekin menda mablagʻ yoʻq bu masalada partiya yoki bank qay darajada kumaklashadi

Rashidxon2018-06-06 11:52:26

bu faoliyatni men xam o'z xonadonimda yo'lga qo'ymoqchiman lekin menda mablag' yo'q.Bu masalada partiya yoki bank qay darajada ko'maklasha oladi