Development and liberalization of the economy is on the spotlight of UzLiDeP

17.02.2017, 16:53

Development and liberalization of the economy is on the spotlight of UzLiDeP

On February 16-17 of this year Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP held a two-day seminar titled «Actual tasks for development of small business and private entrepreneurship» to discuss the realization of the measures mentioned in the third direction on action strategy on further developing of the Republic of Uzbekistan «The development and liberalization of the economy».

On the first day of the seminar, participants met with entrepreneurs in the industrial zones of Sergeli, Yunusobod, Yakkasaroy districts to study the implementation of investment projects in these zones and solve existing problems.

As noted at the meeting in Yunusabad technology park implements a number of projects to expand production of competitive products, attract investment, import of modern production equipment, and modernization of small industrial zones, where there are more than 100 businesses.

— At the end of the year, we will launch a new venture, which will produce more than 200 kinds of medicines, - says the founder of the project B. Akhadov. – The implementation of the project for $ 14 million will help to create more than 300 new jobs. Moreover, we intend to conclude contracts on the export of products to Russia and Kazakhstan.

During the dialogue, the company LLC “FOUNDRY INDUSTRY” has asked for assistance in obtaining additional land for expansion of their business. With the assistance of deputies, this issue will be resolved at an early date.

On the second day of the event with the participation of representatives of the justice department, prosecutors, tax authorities, the Central Bank, the city enterprises of gas and electricity, as well as entrepreneurs held an open dialogue to discuss the problems in small industrial zones and their solutions.

During the event, the party activists have pointed out that small businesses play an important role in Uzbekistan's economy. Therefore, the issues of improving the business environment in the country, supporting and stimulating small business, removing obstacles on their way are priorities for UzLiDeP.

The participants also discussed the issues of increasing incomes through the creation of new jobs, involvement of youth and women in business, the reduction of tax rates, obtaining bank loans etc. Appropriate decisions on all issues were taken.

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