Fayzulla-Bobo plans to receive 25 million soums of profit from the sale of lemons

12.10.2017, 18:02

Fayzulla-Bobo plans to receive 25 million soums of profit from the sale of lemons

Within the framework of the project «Primary party organizations of UzLiDeP – business support on their own plot», the staff of the Kashkadarya regional and Kamashi district councils of the Party visited about 200 houses.

During the event, seeds of autumn garlic, onion, carrots and other vegetables were purchased for more than 30 low-income families.

– The experience of Faizulla-Bobo Kurbonov in growing lemons is popularized among young people, - said A. Rakhmatov, the head of the group on work with PPO. Growing lemon does not require the presence of electricity and gas supply. It is necessary to dig a hole with a depth of two meters and plant a lemon plant and the top is covered with reeds and a film. As a result, even at minus -4-5 in the greenhouse, the temperature is kept as + 5 + 10. Fayzulla-bobo organized such a greenhouse four years ago, brought 100 lemon seedlings from the Surkhandarya region. Last year he received 12 million soums of net profit and this year he plans to get 25 million soums.

Young people often go to his lemon house, ask him questions.

– Lemon saplings are very moody and gentle, – says Fayzullo-Bobo Kurbonov. – They need special, careful care. This year  I planted seedlings of lemons imported from Turkey. This early ripening varieties of lemons, from the first year they bear fruit. Many of my fellow villagers created a greenhouse for growing lemons on their personal plots of land. I believe that in the future our village will become the village of famous gardeners growing lemons. The regional council of UzLiDeP will regularly stimulate the owners, who effectively use their personal plots.


of the Kashkadarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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Фермерлар кенгаши Бпт азоси2019-01-18 20:06:00

айрим фермерлар ўз ишига бефарқ қараб, ўзига юклатилган вазифани адо этишга сускашликка йўл қўяётганлиги тўгри такидланган. Шу кунга қадар сувдан кўтарилмаган ғалвир энди қарор билан н қонуний тартибга солинади. Ушбу карор фермерлар учун зўр имконият бўлди.

Абдухалил фермер2019-01-18 19:54:14

мазкур ҳужжат фермерларнинг юрт равнақи, дастурхонлардаги баракага дахлдорлик ҳиссини кучайтиради.