UzLiDeP's exit reception: the roof of the house will be repaired

09.07.2018, 18:05

UzLiDeP's exit reception: the roof of the house will be repaired

Nurabad district council of UzLiDeP held an exit reception for residents of the «Girdikurgon» and «Omandara» makhallas.

The event was attended by representatives of the district department of justice, the Center for employment assistance and the branch «Nurobodtumangas», members of the party's deputy group in the district council of people's deputies and workers of the party.

During the meeting, V. Ismoilova said that her family is a low-income, her husband is disabled and they cannot afford to repair the roof that is leaking, so she asked for help to officials. The deputy from UzLiDeP H.Donierova promised to solve her problem. She said that the slate will be purchased and her roof will be repaired with the help of partner organizations and the makhalla.

The problem of residents of the village «Girdikurgan» Kh. Makhmudov and S. Khakberdiyev on the connection of their new houses to the power grid was solved on the spot.

During exit reception, the proposals on rational use of clean drinking water, prevention of excessive water consumption and control in this direction were expressed.

Bakhtigul KARSHIEVA,

press-secretary of Samarkand

regional council of UzLiDeP

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