The winners of the Karakalpakstan stage of the «Ishbilarmon Ayol» contest are determined

30.07.2018, 17:53

The winners of the Karakalpakstan stage of the «Ishbilarmon Ayol» contest are determined

UzLiDeP council of the Republic of Karakalpakstan held the Karakalpakstan stage of the «Ishbilarmon Ayol» contest.

It was attended by women entrepreneurs who won in the district (city) stage of the competition.

– I graduated from college in a completely different specialty, but I always wanted to do textiles, - said the owner of the 1st place, the head of «Dana Textiles Prom» LLC G. Akhmedova. – I started my work with two female workers. This year I expanded my activities and hired 12 more women and girls. Such contests encourage us women entrepreneurs to achieve new milestones. 

At the contest, other winners in various nominations were also identified who created the largest number of jobs for graduates.

At the end of the event, the winners and prize-winners were awarded diplomas and memorable gifts from the party.


 employee of UzLiDeP council

in the Republic of Karakalpakstan

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Cара-Конликул тумани2018-07-26 09:52:35

«Ишбилармон аёл» кўрик танлови хотин-қизлар ўртасида фаол, интилувчан тадбиркорларнинг билим ва тажрибасининг ортишига кумак беради. Бир-бирлари билан тажриба олмашади. Ғолибларга танловнинг келгуси босқичида омад тилаб қоламиз. Тадибркор аёллар сафи купаяберсин.

Рахманова Гульнара КР Тахтакупир тумани 2018-07-26 08:30:52

Танлов голибларини табриклаймиз, келгуси ишларида омадлар тилаймиз. Жамиятимизда фаол изланувчанг ва албатта тадбиркор аелларимиз сафи кенгайиб бориши бизнинг мактаничимиз