A new primary organization was opened in Nukus

13.11.2017, 21:33

A new primary organization was opened in Nukus

Nukus сity Kengash (Council) of UzLiDeP carries out work to realize the goals and tasks of the party, to expand the ranks of the party and protect the interests of the electorate. In particular, it pays special attention to increasing the number of primary party organizations. At LLC "EVRO STROY" created a new primary organization.

– Currently, the party together with the primary party organization conducts activities on the issues of comprehensive support for the interests of the electorate, increasing the number of members, increasing the involvement of young people and women in entrepreneurship, – said A. Jailganov. – As a result of the effectiveness of the activities undertaken, the ranks of our members are expanding. If last year the number of party members was 1896 people, at present this figure is 2346. They united around 68 primary party organizations.

– I have been working in the limited company "EVRO STROY" for a long time, – said Y.Esimbetov. – Representatives of the party often came to us to hold events and I am already familiar with the goals and tasks of the party. I fully support the creation of PPO in our company.

At the end of the event, 37 people were admitted to the ranks of the party, the leader of the lower level was elected the head of the enterprise O. Shimbergenov.

Eliza Bekimbetova,

Consultant of the PPO of the Nukus City Council of UzLiDeP

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