What problems worry residents of Fergana region?

13.02.2019, 00:12

What problems worry residents of Fergana region?

Last year, a resident of Dangara district Ravshanjon Kasimov applied to Kokand branch of Aloqabank to obtain a loan at the amount of 100 million UZS for expanding his business. But the bank continues to ignore the appeal, despite the availability of all necessary documents. The entrepreneur complained to the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Parliament Sh.Sharofutdinov, a deputy request was sent to the banking body.

This is just one example of issues solved by UzLiDeP working group members operating in Fergana region. A group consisting of a deputy group of the party in Fergana city and regional kengashes of people’s deputies conducts on-site meetings with citizens, processes their appeals.

Over 50 appeals were received during a direct dialogue in the city of Margilan. Thus, residents of Yangi Hayot makhalla S.Tojiboyev and A.Mamarizayev asked for practical assistance in obtaining a soft loan within the framework of “Every family is an entrepreneur” program. As the analysis shows, the population of the city is concerned with the issue of timely supply of liquefied gas cylinders.

– We are in trouble due to the lack of gas cylinders in winter, – said a resident of Chorchinor makhalla Hamidullo Saidov. – They come to change the cylinders every 70-75 days, is that normal? We complained to the people’s representatives for help.

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