A number of issues worrying Altinkul residents are solved

11.02.2019, 22:40

A number of issues worrying Altinkul residents are solved

Farovon Street in Jalabek makhalla of Altinkul district urgently needs repairs. Numerous pits and irregularities create great inconvenience in the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Residents of the street have repeatedly appealed to various authorities with a request to resolve the issue, but without waiting for it, they themselves laid rubble in an area of ​​100 square meters. But this only slightly improved the situation – it is impossible without asphalt pavement.

This is one of many issues raised by residents of Altinkul during a meeting with deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Parliament and representatives of UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee. The meeting was held at the secondary school No.9 of Altinkul district.

Due to intervention of people’s representatives, Farovon Street will be repaired within a month.

But as it was turned out, the problem was not only in condition of the street. The fact is that a large aryk passes across the street, which was dug by residents for irrigation of homestead lands. At first, water flowed into all households, but then did not reach the home of a number of residents. The reason was the human factor – one of the residents Z.Artikov, manifesting selfishness, blocked the aryk.

Even common efforts of all residents of the street and the makhalla citizens’ gathering did not help improve the situation. They had to raise this seemingly banal question at the meeting with people’s representatives. After the district department for land management and the state cadastre demanded from Z.Artikov not to act wilfully, he removed the overlap in the way of priceless water.

– The population of five makhallas took part in the on-site reception, – says an employee of UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee Sardor Maripov. – The fact that about 20 issues were resolved on the spot helped to strengthen public confidence in our party. Not only housing and communal service issues, but also personal, social, economic issues of the population were resolved.

At the on-site meeting, a decision was taken on sending deputy requests for issues that were not resolved on the spot.


Head of UzLiDeP Altinkul

District Kengash

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