What dissatisfies the Bukhara’s entrepreneur, or when will tax problems be resolved?

11.02.2019, 22:39

What dissatisfies the Bukhara’s entrepreneur, or when will tax problems be resolved?

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and senior officials of UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee visited Bukhara region, studied problems and shortcomings at places, carried out a direct dialogue with people.

They made their first visits to several enterprises at once – LLC Dilum Nur Stroy, LLC Mokhigulbegim Omad Fayz and LLC Stroy Samo in the city of Bukhara.

Members of the working group got acquainted with their activities, talked with employees, studied concerns of entrepreneurs.

According to the Chairman of Bukhoro Uy Quruvchilar Association O.Zaripov, the main problem for businessmen of the region is excessively large tax payments. So, after construction companies receive permission to sell finished real estate, a real estate tax in the amount of 12 percent is charged for all participants in transaction during the sale and purchase. This prevents the construction company from making a profit.

Public representatives, who studied this issue on the spot, sent corresponding inquiries to responsible authorities and established control over the execution.

After that, UzLiDeP activists visited Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute and studied the existing problems.

Bekhzod Akramov addressed the working group, who decided to open a sewing workshop and contribute to employment of youth. But the lack of necessary funds for the purchase of sewing machines becomes an obstacle to the implementation of this intention. The Head of UzLiDeP deputy group Sh.Makhmudov promised to assist the future entrepreneur.

Dialogue with people continued in Kagan district, within the framework of the meeting many appeals from the population were received.

For example, entrepreneur Saodat Namozova received a preferential loan in the amount of 800 million UZS in a commercial bank in 2018 and began construction of a preschool education institution. But the problem is that the street on which the PEI is located needs urgent repairs. From autumn to the end of spring, the street turns into a mud stream, even adults can’t go through the street, not to mention young children who will go to kindergarten.

Members of UzLiDeP deputy group sent a corresponding request to the local authorities and administrations. The problem is waiting for its solution in the near future.

Press Service of UzLiDeP

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