Illegal requirements of a khokim in relation to a farmer are eliminated

20.02.2019, 10:07

Illegal requirements of a khokim in relation to a farmer are eliminated

In recent years, Uzbekistan has paid special attention to development of cattle breeding. For this purpose, the country even began to import breeding cattle from abroad.

Systematic work on development of cattle breeding is carried out in Namangan region. However, there are still cases of connivance and infringement of farmers’ rights.

Thus, the head of CHASHMAI SAFED farm in Kasansay district H.Muydinkhojayev addressed the members of the working group consisting of representatives of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP and Namangan regional Kengash of the party.

A farmer, in order to expand and improve the quality of cattle-breeding activities, brought 192 cattle from abroad. The total number of livestock is 961. To feed such a huge number of cattle requires large amounts of feed products and hay. The farm is experiencing great difficulties with this.

– We have repeatedly appealed to the district khokimiyat with this issue – but neither practical assistance was rendered, nor land was allocated. Moreover, the khokim ordered to take part of the land for planting cotton. They wanted to give me land of 30-40 kilometers from the farm, this is a hill, hardly irrigated area, because of the lack of electricity for the pumps, even the drip irrigation system is not easy to implement there, – the farmer complained.

Lands that the farmer requested from the khokimiyat are also in a poor condition. But they are more convenient for further processing, attracting labor and technology. If the required land is allocated, the farmer will do everything possible to improve these territories.

After examining the issue, members of the working group met with representatives of the khokimiyat and, after conducting negotiations, contributed to the cancellation of the khokim’s decision.

– I am grateful to the activists of the party that protects the interests of farmers and entrepreneurs. With their help, the issue that worried me was resolved positively. I will continue to make necessary efforts for development of our country, – says H.Muydinkhojayev.

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