Water came to Baghdad – primary needs of the population are satisfied

20.02.2019, 10:05

Water came to Baghdad – primary needs of the population are satisfied

Employees of Fergana Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP together with members of the party’s deputy group in the regional Kengash of people’s deputies in the working group are studying the situation at places, holding dialogue with the population, taking measures to solve their problems.

According to the Acting Chief of Fergana Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP Nafisa Elchiyeva, about 190 problems in the cities and districts of the region were revealed during the study. To date, over 100 of them have been resolved, and an action plan has been developed for the rest.

– Many appeals concerning business activities, obtaining loans, real estate were received. In order to positively address these issues, cooperation with regional institutions and agencies has been established, important measures have been identified, – N.Elchiyeva says.

Alisher Yusupov from Altyaryk district decided to start his own business, but for a successful start, he needed financial assistance in the form of a bank loan.

– I want to build a greenhouse on the backyard territory, but calculations have shown that additional funds are needed. Therefore, I applied to the district branch of Asaka Bank for a soft loan on the program “Every family is an entrepreneur”, but representatives of the bank did not say anything concrete. After intervention of members of UzLiDeP deputy group, the problem found a solution, – says A.Yusupov.

Urgent problems worry the residents of Baghdad district also – there is no clean drinking water. Baghdad people even joke that if in the city they dream of the latest model of smartphones or cars, Baghdad district’s people dream of water.

After studying the problem, members of the working group decided to address it immediately. Meetings with responsible persons were held, their position on this issue was revealed. Efforts of the group members were not in vain – the district water department installed a new pump, thanks to which people of Baghdad received invaluable drinking water in their homes.

Birdamlik Street in Shuroker MCG has no power supply for almost a year. It seems that the problem is small, but do not forget that people live there.

This problem was also resolved with the help of a member of UzLiDeP deputy group B.Makhmudov. The deputy request addressed to the district power grid was resolved.

UzLiDeP Press Service

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Abdumo'min2019-03-03 14:46:02

Men bu partiyadan qanday foyda olsam boʻladi. Oʻzim Toshkent Temir yo'l muhandislari institutida oʻqiyman.