UzLiDeP activists helped people with disabilities and not only

28.03.2019, 18:10

UzLiDeP activists helped people with disabilities and not only

On-site reception of citizens is being held. One of the participants of the event addressed the organizers: “My father is disabled. We are standing in line for a wheelchair, but the queue is big. I’m afraid dad won’t stand it. He wants to become a full member of society, to move...”

These words of Kholiskhon Rustamova were heard during the on-site reception of citizens, which was held in Korakushchi and Khujakishlok makhallas by Fergana regional and Kushtepa district kengashes of UzLiDeP.

All possible assistance was rendered not only to H.Rustamova, but also to many other people who turned for help and advice to members of the group. A total of 1,500 households are located in these two neighborhoods. Since then, a lot of problems have accumulated with the provision of natural gas, electricity, real estate, repair of internal roads, improvement of the quality of medical services, etc.

Members of UzLiDeP deputy group, as well as the head of department for working with appeals of individuals and legal entities of the regional Kengash of the party M.Makhametov assisted the Kushtepa resident Tairjan Baysanov in obtaining a wheelchair, who expressed great gratitude to the deputies and activists of the party for helping.

 Press Service of

Fergana Regional

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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