The problem of electricity was solved after UzLiDeP intervention in Chust district

05.04.2019, 17:51

The problem of electricity was solved after UzLiDeP intervention in Chust district

Namangan regional Kengash of UzLiDeP organized an on-site reception at Pansada makhalla of the Chust district.

During the reception, the participants of which were the head of the Department of People’s Reception of the district, members of the deputy group of UzLiDeP, as well as representatives of the district financial department and internal affairs, studied the problems of the population of nearby communities.

Most of the applications received from citizens are related to employment, problems on provision of natural gas, electricity, drinking water, landscaping and municipal issues.

For example, a resident of the street “Boborakhim Mashrab” told that the makhalla’s electric transformer was out of order and needs repair, and that it would be advisable to move this electric pole to another place. Makhbuba Okhunova and Naima Khakimova, residents of the same makhalla, asked to assist in their employment.

These two tasks were taken under control by members of the party deputy group of the district Kengash of people’s deputies.

And the chairman of the parent committee of the institution of district preschool education No.8 Odiljon Mullajonov expressed his indignation at the fact that despite the overhaul carried out at this institution, the transformer has not yet been launched, which is why this institution cannot function for three months. This task was completely solved on the same day. After the party intervened, the persons in charge of the district power grid restored the power supply to the preschool institution.

“5224 people live in our makhalla. Of these, about 300 are preschool children. Most recently, with funding in the amount of 1 billion 600 thousand soums, a major overhaul was carried out in a preschool institution. However, due to not installed electrical transformers, our children could not attend this kindergarten. After the reception of the party, our problem was positively resolved. Of course, we were very pleased with this”, - says O. Mullajonov.

It should be noted that the attention paid by our party to the reception of citizens and assistance in solving their immediate problems serves to enhance the image of the party and strengthen the faith of people in us!


                         Press Secretary of Namangan

                                        Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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