Citizens of Pitnak are grateful to the deputy of UzLiDeP Ilkhom Durdiyev

23.04.2019, 17:35

Citizens of Pitnak are grateful to the deputy of UzLiDeP Ilkhom Durdiyev

A member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Khozarasp District Kengash of people's deputies Ilkhom Durdiyev conducted an on-site reception of voters in Sayopir makhalla of Pitnak city.

Issues of water shortage, employment, road repair and other social problems were addressed at the reception.

“Internal roads in the makhalla are in poor condition. Many officials are aware of this, but none of them solves the problem. It is difficult for children to get to schools and kindergartens. I came to the reception to raise this problem, the deputy promised to resolve this issue. Among voters, trust in our elected representative of the people has increased, – said resident of the makhalla Dilbar opa Iskandarova.

“There are many problems in a person’s life. Especially many problems in the village. The main task of deputies is to study the problems of the working population, to create the best possible conditions for their life. Today, the authority of the deputy will allow to solve many issues, – said the deputy Ilkhom Durdiyev during the conversation.

At the on-site reception, the appeal of Mansur Iskandarov was considered. He has not been working for many years, he appealed to the deputy with a request for employment in state structures. An employee of the district center for employment assistance, A. Ozodova, presented M. Iskandarov a list of vacancies. The deputy decided that these places are not suitable for M.Iskandarov and recommended to assist in his employment in Khorezm regional branch of JSC GM Uzbekistan.

Residents of the makhalla who took part in the on-site reception received concrete answers from deputies and heads of organizations to their oral and written appeals. Appeals, required to be studied, were taken under deputy control.

O. Kalandarova,

Executive Secretary of

Khozarasp district Kengash of UzLiDeP

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