On-site reception: UzLiDeP activists assisted in the repair of the house of the 2nd group disabled A.Khidirov

07.05.2019, 16:33

On-site reception: UzLiDeP activists assisted in the repair of the house of the 2nd group disabled A.Khidirov

Kattakurgan District Kengash of UzLiDeP organized an on-site reception for the population of the citizens’ assembly of Kattakurpa makhalla.

The reception was attended by employees of the district kengash of the party, deputies of the local Kengash of people's deputies, representatives of the Women's Committee and enterprises of electrical networks.

At the reception, citizens' appeals were considered regarding the allocation of land for the construction of houses, water supply for the population, replacement of power lines, provision of residents with liquefied gas cylinders, repair of internal roads.

Residents of Kattakurpa CAM R.Ergasheva, J.Eshov, Y.Davirova, N.Akhmedova, M.Boboyeva, S.Ochilova, S.Rakhmatova, H.Umarova complained about the late delivery of gas cylinders.

It was decided that members of UzLiDeP deputy group will send a request to the relevant organizations on this issue.

A resident of this makhalla Zulaykho Majidova complained about the interruption, starting from the 5th grade of the educational process in teaching her daughter with disabilities, the invalid of group 2, Tulgonoy Rashidova.

– Up to the 5th grade, the teacher regularly conducted classes. After the end of the primary classes, subject teachers began to conduct classes, but they do not come regularly. Now her peers are in the 8th grade. I live with hope that my daughter will recover, and she needs an education, – said Z.Majidova.

On this issue, the deputies contacted by phone with representatives of the district public education institution and solved the problem on the spot.

Party activists visited a resident of Kattakurpa village, an invalid of group 2, 16-year-old Azizbek Khidirov.

A disabled from childhood Azizbek Khidirov loves to read, strives for knowledge. His parents died, he lives with her sister Umida Khidirova. Umida Khidirova, despite the fact that she is young, has been caring for his brother for several years.

During the conversation she asked for practical help in repairing the house. This issue will be solved by entrepreneurs and activists of the PPO operating in this makhalla.


Press Secretary of Samarkand

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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