Mrs. Radha teaches college students breeding rabbits

21.05.2019, 09:11

Mrs. Radha teaches college students breeding rabbits

With the assistance of the Youth Wing of Karakalpak Republican Kengash of UzLiDeP, students of Amudarya College got acquainted with the activities of Amirkhon Radha farm.

The head of the farm Radha Imamaddinova is a tireless entrepreneur. In October 2015, organized a multidisciplinary farm Amirkhon Radha.

– We grow cotton, grain, as well as fish farming, gardening, rabbit breeding, sericulture, – said Radha Imamaddinova. – In the course of this workshop, young people became familiar with the work of the rabbit breeding farm. Rabbits of breed Giant are delivered from New Zealand. The farm has 16 seasonal workers and 6 permanent workers.

During the conversation, Mrs. Radha, who knows all the secrets of farming, said that the work of an entrepreneur or farmer requires tireless work, in particular, she told about the rules for fattening rabbits and the benefits of rabbit meat.

In order to expand the activities, Mrs. Radha plans to organize a public services center for the population and a sewing workshop.

Press Service of Karakalpak

Republican Council of UzLiDeP


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