President’s visit motivated people of Andijan to reach new frontiers

22.05.2019, 15:29

President’s visit motivated people of Andijan to reach new frontiers

In order to become familiar with the course of socio-economic development of the regions, the creative work carried out and the execution of instructions given earlier, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on May 16-17 visited Andijan region. Officials of the party expressed their opinions about this visit.

Tokhir TOLIPOV, Chairman of Andijan Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP:

During the last year's visit of the Head of the state to our region, important tasks were outlined for socio-economic development of the region. During this period, special attention was paid to the implementation of these tasks. In the region, cities and villages have been improved, population's welfare increases. Significant results are achieved in development of industry, construction, pharmaceutical, social spheres, small business and private entrepreneurship. There is an increase in all macroeconomic indicators.

In 2018, within the framework of the Investment Program, 411 projects were implemented with a total amount of 1.8 trillion UZS, more than 12 thousand new jobs were created. Due to the implementation of projects with participation of foreign investments, enterprises were commissioned with the production capacity of import-substituting products in the amount of 20.7 million US dollars. The volume of exports amounted to 211.2 million dollars.

As the result, the basis for socio-economic development of the region, improvement of cities, district centers, as well as remote villages and makhallas, creating new jobs and raising the standard of living of the population has been created.

During the current visit to the region, the Head of the state examined new enterprises, business entities, became familiar with promising projects, gave relevant instructions and suggestions.

The ultimate goal of these instructions is to improve the life of people, to create a solid foundation for full development of our children, to achieve citizens' confidence in the future.

Activists and the deputy corps of the party make their own contribution to the reforms that are taking place. Widespread outreach activity of the optimal use of household land by the population, strengthening deputy control over the creation of new jobs through further development of entrepreneurship, and introduction of investment projects are planned as priority goals.

Zokirjon NABIJONOV, activist of UzLiDeP, head of Khantex Group LLC:

During a trip around the region, the Head of the state got acquainted with activities of our enterprise, located in Uchkun makhalla of Kurgantepa district. Our enterprise was established two years ago and operates in the form of a cotton-textile cluster. We cooperate with farmers who grow cotton on an area of 9 thousand hectares.

During the visit to the region in May last year, the President got acquainted with the project of our society for production of the textile industry. Today, this plan has been fully implemented ― a large spinning workshop has been built, equipped with Riter company's technologies (Switzerland). 400 people living here, got a permanent job.

This is the beginning of our activity. In the future we are planning to establish the production and dyeing of fabrics, release ready-made clothes and towels. The total cost of the project is 58 million euros, with the launch of the enterprise at full capacity, annual production of 9 thousand tons of yarn, 6 million meters of fabric, 10 million garments and knitwear will be established and 1,500 jobs created. We intend to increase the export volume to 40 million dollars.

Along with this, on the basis of the cluster, an oil extraction plant with a production capacity of 2 thousand tons of oil and an animal breeding complex with a production capacity of 7.5 thousand tons of meal and 5.4 thousand tons of husk are being organized.

The Head of the state examined the spinning workshop of the cluster operating in the structure of the enterprise. He gave recommendations on improving product quality, establishing exports, and creating conditions for increasing the incomes of workers.

Organization of cluster activity on the initiative of the President in the regions creates the basis for improving the competitiveness of products, occupying a worthy place not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market and most importantly, will contribute to employment of the population and improve the welfare of people.

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