«The roads are in bad condition, the taxi cannot enter»

27.05.2019, 10:45

«The roads are in bad condition, the taxi cannot enter»

The head of UzLiDeP deputy group in Kushkupir district kengash of people's deputies Khaitboy Ruzmetov met with the population of Baratlar makhalla.

At the meeting, almost 50 appeals from citizens were heard, most of which were resolved on the spot.

These were mainly appeals on road repair, employment, provision of drinking water, construction of pre-school education institutions, and overhaul of the 50th secondary school on the territory of the makhalla.

Residents from Registon street expressed dissatisfaction with the state of internal roads. As the citizens said, it is impossible to walk along the roads after snow and rain fall, and in summer there is a lot of dust.

“The roads are so bad that even taxi drivers refuse to enter the makhalla, and if they enter, they require double payment. We repeatedly appealed to relevant authorities on this issue, to no avail. It is very difficult to walk on such roads even for adults, but what about children?”, - says one of the makhalla representatives.

After examining in detail the circumstances, the representative of people on the same day informed that he would send a request to the relevant organizations.

During the conversations that were held, the appeal of a resident of the makhalla Sharofat Khusainova was heard.

«I worked at the district gas supply company for ten years. Recently, the head dismissed me due to staff reduction. I am currently without job. I have a child. When I worked, I paid a loan for housing for low-income families. Now I don’t have the opportunity to pay the loan», – said Sh. Khusainova.

On this issue, the representative of people spoke with the responsible officer of the district center for employment promotion, acquainted the citizen with free workplaces and helped with employment.

On this day, the main part of problems of the makhalla population was solved. For appeals that require a certain time to be resolved, it was decided to submit a request to relevant organizations.


Press Secretary of Khorezm

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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