Deputy solved the appeals received by UzLiDeP

27.05.2019, 11:32

Deputy solved the appeals received by UzLiDeP

Fergana city Kengash of UzLiDeP received an appeal from a group of citizens living on “Nodirabegim” street of citizens' assembly of “Bahor” makhalla.

The appeal says that Nodirabegim street of the citizens' assembly of “Bahor” makhalla of the city of Fergana was included in the State Program of 2018 and 50 million sums were allocated for the repair of the street. A year has passed, and repair work is not completed.

“Assalamu alaikum! We have a perennial problem. The state program of the last year provides for the repair of our street. However, until now the road is not asphalted. In rainy weather, people are literally buried in mud. Summer is dust everywhere. We complained to various authorities. Officials only promise: «Wait, we will repair». And so already throughout the year. Please help to solve this problem».

On this appeal, a member of UzLiDeP deputy group studied the problem on the spot and sent a request to the Department of Improvement of the city of Fergana. Soon the repair began. Is the issue resolved? Resolved. Do citizens have discontent? Not.

“True, with this issue, we many times appealed to the city administration and other organizations. A year has passed, but our appeal was not even considered. Everything was limited by empty promises. Meanwhile, the problem could be solved. With the assistance of the party, asphalt was laid on the street, improvement work was carried out. On behalf of all residents, I express my gratitude to the representatives of the party, our deputy», – said Khojarkhon Kurbonova, a resident of “Bahor” makhalla.

Yes, the caring representative of the people T.Ismoilov fully justifies the trust of voters. A deputy solves the problems of the population on the spot, this contributes to increasing the confidence of the population in the party.

Press Service of UzLiDeP

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