Water pipe is laid in “Dustlik” and “Ali” villages with the assistance of the deputy

14.06.2019, 16:08

Water pipe is laid in “Dustlik” and “Ali” villages with the assistance of the deputy

In order to conduct dialogue with people, to eliminate people’s problems, the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Z. Khaniyazov visits the territory and meets with voters. The first place of the visit was Kanlikul district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The deputy became familiar with the work carried out at social facilities of the district, activities of emergency departments of the district medical association. Had a conversation with patients of these departments.

On this day, the deputy, together with qualified physicians, visited the homes of A. Utemuratova, residing in “Madaniyat” CAM and S. Ismoilova, who lives in a citizens’ assembly of “Kosjap” village, conducted a medical examination and presented wheelchairs.

The meeting of the deputy with residents of the citizens’ assembly of “Arzimbet” village was held in the spirit of mutual understanding. During the meeting, a number of problems were solved on the spot and demands of the applicants were satisfied. For appeals that require a certain time to be resolved, requests are sent to the appropriate organizations.

For example, residents of “Dustlik” CAM N. Babajanova and R. Jiyenbayeva asked about employment, G. Allambergenov from the citizens’ assembly of “Arzimbetkum” village – the desire to start own business and assistance in obtaining a loan.

Citizens who applied for employment, on the same day received a job with the support of the district employment center. Now N. Babajanova will work in the district improvement department as a worker, R. Jiyenbayev as a mechanic in Invest LLC.

At the meeting, the residents of “Madaniyat” CAM D. Karimbekov and the disabled of group 2 Sh. Kazakbayev asked to assist in acquisition of necessary medicines. At the initiative of the deputy, each of them was allocated medicines in the amount of 50,250 soums.

The next place of the visit was Muynak district. Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis became familiar with the state of the territory, met with the population of the CAM “Bozatak” and “Tik uzak”.

During the conversation, a resident of “Bozatau” CAM A. Kurbaniyazov complained about the absence of liquefied gas cylinders, “Tik uzak” CAM resident K. Temirbekov – about low pressure of natural gas. M.Turdimuratova from “Dustlik” CAM asked for help in obtaining a loan, M.Konisbayev from “Khokim-ota” CAM asked for assistance in providing the village with drinking water.

On this day, many complaints of citizens were positively resolved. Citizen A. Kurbaniyazov was provided with district gas supply department with gas cylinders with liquefied gas, decision was taken to allocate a loan for M. Turdimuratova under the program “Every family entrepreneur”.

The issue of providing drinking water to villages “Dustlik”, “Ali”, “Khokim-ota” CAM was positively resolved.

It should be noted that during direct dialogues with the deputy, it is envisaged to solve problems identified together with official organizations.

Press Service of Karakalpak

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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