20 women become winners of Urgut district stage competition “Ishbilarmon ayol”

01.07.2019, 10:40

20 women become winners of Urgut district stage competition “Ishbilarmon ayol”

The district stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” (Businesswoman) competition took place in Urgut.

At the exhibition, organized by seamstresses, entrepreneurs and artisans, the first place was taken by a private entrepreneur, a manufacturer of soft toys Zebiniso Narzullayeva.

5 years ago Zebiniso Narzullayeva began producing soft toys. At first she worked as a family entrepreneur, the demand for products increased, in connection with which the company was organized and 15 people were provided with work.

“I loved handwork from childhood, from various wastes I created various home items. I presented handmade souvenirs to my friends, relatives for birthdays. In 2014 I implemented a project for making soft toys. Today, the demand for products is increasing. In the future, we intend to improve the quality of products and expand the enterprise”, said Zebiniso Narzullayeva.

In various nominations of the competition, 20 active entrepreneurs, seamstresses, farmers and artisans of the district became winners.

“At the recent plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, the President of the country gave necessary recommendations on ensuring women with work from remote villages, creating conditions for them, improving their status in society. All participants of the district stage of the competition deserve special attention. Because they do not sit idle, do business, create new jobs. Urgut district Kengash of UzLiDeP made a decision to award all participants of the event”, said Adasha Sattorova, employee of Urgut district Kengash.

Bakhtigul Karshiyeva,

Press Secretary of Samarkand

regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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