“Enter each home with party ideas!”

01.08.2019, 10:46

“Enter each home with party ideas!”

At the meeting in Fergana, devoted to discussion of the program and the pre-election program of UzLiDeP, proposals were made for further development of private medicine and elimination of problems in employment of graduates of higher education institutions.

– We have to enter each home through party ideas. If it is necessary to carry out visits to homes, when using proposals of the population, study the actual tasks of our activity for the next five years and bring the results of the study to the projects, – said the party activist Akhmadali Teshaboyev. – In Fergana there are many experienced farmers who know their business very well. We are pleased with the idea of ​​creating “Academies of Entrepreneurship” on the territories included in the new program. Because the comprehensive support of entrepreneurs, creation of necessary conditions for them is one of the important tasks of the party.

The need for preparing comments in order for the Program to be understandable to the general population and its presentation in a simple, accessible form was also noted at the event.

– Within the framework of five important initiatives forwarded by the Head of the state, large-scale activity is being carried out in the country. The issue of developing legislative documents on the procedure for organizing private museums should be reflected in the updated program of the party, – the craftsman Tokhirjon Khaydarov said.

“Activity on improving the investment and business environment, modernizing and developing the public services system is being carried out in the country. However, there are still problems in ensuring digitization and transition to a digital economy. Our party should take the leading role in addressing these issues, the transition to a digital economy and these areas should be reflected in the pre-election program”, said one of the young participants of the event.

Events devoted to discussion of the Program and the Pre-election program of the party are ongoing at places.

Shokhsulton TUKHTAMATOV,

Press Secretary of Fergana

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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