“Our main program does not correspond to the current reforms”

30.07.2019, 10:35

“Our main program does not correspond to the current reforms”

Tashkent hosted a meeting dedicated to discussion of the draft Program and the Party’s Pre-election program, with participation of representatives of Tashkent city Kengash of UzLiDeP and deputies of the local Kengash.

Chairman of Tashkent city kengash of the party Turabek Nazarov called on the participants to voice practical proposals on the agenda issues.

T. Nazarov noted that every passing day brings us closer to an important political process – elections to the lower house of parliament, to the regional, district and city councils of people’s deputies. To ensure decent participation in elections, it requires a lot of preparation and serious responsibility from the leading party.

“Our main program does not correspond to the current reforms. And this does not correspond to the current status of the leading party. Therefore, we must continue to work on both projects. The current meeting is organized in order to receive concrete proposals and recommendations from activists regarding programs. You are free to express your suggestions”, said T. Nazarov.

After such a call, deputies made proposals for the draft program.

“The issue of corruption should be highlighted in the program. Because this issue still has not lost its relevance. The biggest obstacle in development of society is corruption. In the process of combating corruption, the activity of non-governmental non-profit organizations, as well as political parties, is not felt. In this regard, we hope that these issues will take place in the Program and the Pre-election program of the party”, said party activist Bakhtiyor Ergashov.

Tasks on preparation for the upcoming elections at places were outlined at the event.

Murodjon Urinov,

Press Secretary of Tashkent

City Kengash of UzLiDeP

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