Working Group of UzLiDeP has been formed for studying issues related to the inviolability of private property of the population and entrepreneurs

01.08.2019, 18:58

Working Group of UzLiDeP has been formed for studying issues related to the inviolability of private property of the population and entrepreneurs

The Executive Committee of UzLiDeP Political Council hosted a regular meeting on August 1  this year. Issues of ensuring the inviolability of private property, protecting the interests of representatives of the class of owners of party groups in kengashes of people's deputies, strengthening participation in ensuring the legitemate regulation of property and property relations were discussed at the event.

At the meeting with participation of deputies, party activists and media representatives, the work carried out within the framework of “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighbourhood), “Obod qishloq” (Prosperous village) and “Obod markaz” (Prosperous center) programs in order to ensure the interests of  people, was highly appreciated. However, as it was noted at the meeting, there are cases of demolition of structures erected by entrepreneurs without warning according to the order of individual managers, and not giving families living on the street the promised compensation for demolition of their housing, all these facts not only cause reasonable discontent of people, but also cast a shadow on ongoing reforms.

At the meeting, a critical and analytical assessment of the level of protection by the party and its deputy corps of property rights of the population was given in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was noted that without ensuring the inviolability of property, it is impossible to achieve economic development. This, as a basic norm, is also defined in the Constitution of Uzbekistan, it is indicated that private property, along with other forms of ownership, is inviolable and protected by the state. The owner may be deprived of property only in cases and in the manner prescribed by law. How is this justified in the legislation?

Article 19 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On protection of private property and guarantees of the rights of owners” defines: “Demolition of a house, other buildings, structures or plantings on a seized land before the full and preliminary compensation of losses at market value is not allowed. If the owner disagrees with the decision entailing the termination of the right to private property, it cannot be implemented until the dispute is resolved by the court”. In Uzbekistan, which is following the path of legal statehood, all areas should be streamlined by law, and all should carry out activities based on the law. It was noted that open violation of the laws adopted in certain territories can lead to serious negative consequences. The inexplicability of the usual observant position of agencies responsible for monitoring compliance with laws was also emphasized.

At the meeting held in an open dialogue format, it was noted that the existing laws legally streamlined ownership and property relations, and at the same time it was justifiably criticized that the deputies elected from the party had not enough control over their implementation.

Priority tasks aimed at timely and legal elimination of such problems were outlined at the meeting.

In particular, it was noted that there is a need for increasing the effectiveness of questionnaire institutes for deputies of local councils of people's deputies in matters of violation of the rights of the population and local entrepreneurs and  protection of their legitimate interests.

At the same time, in connection with issues of illegal seizure of land by citizens, demolition of buildings and structures, property of entrepreneurs, it was noted that a “hotline” would be activated in the party’s territorial, district, and city kengashes, and reinforcement of outreach and promotion work on these issues in cooperation with partner organizations, business entities, agencies and organizations.

At the meeting, tasks on making proposals on holding responsible officials accountable for violating citizens' right to inviolability of private property, conducting a systematic study of the situation at places by the party faction in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis in order to prevent and not repeat such cases in the territories, were identified.

Following the event, a decision was taken by the executive committee of  UzLiDeP political council on all the issues considered.

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