Population buys drinking water for 115 thousand soums at Chamanzor CAM

19.08.2019, 14:23

Population buys drinking water for 115 thousand soums at Chamanzor CAM

The problem was studied by UzLiDeP deputy.

An on-site reception of Kashkadarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP was held at CAM “Chamanzor” in Mirishkor district.

It is worth noting that the CAM Chamanzor, Shirin, the villages of Nurota and Nayiston are located 30 kilometers from the district center. The population of the territory fully trusts the representative of people, a member of the deputy group of UzLiDeP B.Sharipov.

According to the deputy, many problems have been accumulated in Chamanzor, Shirin, Nurota and Nayiston villages that need to be addressed at the regional and republic levels.

«As far as possible, we try to solve the problems of voters, – B. Sharipov said. – I must admit, some problems have tormented people for a long time. The most difficult of them is the increased price of drinking water due to the need to repair the water basin. Pool water with a capacity of 4 tons is sold to the population for 115-150 thousand soums. On the territory there are families with a small monthly income. It is difficult for them to buy water».

«UzLiDeP, deeply aware of the reforms being carried out in the country to improve the welfare of the population, is gaining the confidence of the population through its active measures, – said Orziqul Sherov, Head of the office of the regional council of UzLiDeP. – At an on-site reception the current problems were considered and necessary tasks were outlined. In the near future, these problems will be resolved.

At the exit reception, the appeals received from citizens on the overhaul of roads and school No. 28 were taken under control of Kashkadarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP and will be submitted for consideration at the session of the local kengash in the near future.


Press Secretary of Kashkadarya

regional kengash of UzLiDeP


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