UzLiDeP pays great attention to working with people

23.08.2019, 14:28

UzLiDeP pays great attention to working with people

The Executive Committee of the political council of UzLiDeP is conducting the republican stage of training on “Elections: strategy and tactics of victory”.

In the third direction of the three-stage workshop, special attention is paid to issues of working with people during the activities of the party.

At present, the President tirelessly talks about the need for bringing organizations closer to people, holding an open dialogue with them and solving their problems locally.

Proceeding from this, today the party, wishing to maintain its status, considers getting close to people and studying their problems a priority. Currently, people have changed, and their worldview has changed. Joining the ranks of voters with such as before, ready-made reports and theses will not yield any result. We were shown specific areas of work in modern conditions, ways of getting close to people.

Our main achievement is our public, simple and affordable pre-election program, which will help us establish a sincere dialogue with voters. We gain knowledge in selection of the most important political technologies, information on proper conduction of work.

I think the knowledge gained at the workshop will contribute to this year’s elections. The main thing is to get closer to people honestly and openly, this will serve as an impetus to a change in the attitude of people to our party.

Jumanazar KURBONOV,

Chief of the Office, First Deputy Chairman of

Khorezm Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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