B. Dauletiyarov: “99 appeals have been received from entrepreneurs over the past period of the year”

04.09.2019, 15:48

B. Dauletiyarov: “99 appeals have been received from entrepreneurs over the past period of the year”

UzLiDeP’s Karakalpak kengash organized an open dialogue on “The focus is on the interests of entrepreneurs”.

At event, it was noted that in recent years, extensive work has been carried out to develop entrepreneurship in the country, creating conditions for attracting investments and doing business, strengthening the legal guarantees of protecting the legitimate interests if entrepreneurs.

According to the chief inspector of the responsible office for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of business entities under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan B. Dauletiyarov, necessary conditions have been created in the country for the active work of entrepreneurs. All types outside of scheduled inspections are eliminated.

“Over the past period of the year, 99 appeals were received from entrepreneurs. Of these, 37 are satisfied, 35 are given legal advice. Currently 20 appeals are being considered”, B. Dauletiyarov said.

It is known that the main problems of entrepreneurs are related to ensuring effective and rational use of free buildings, land and other infrastructure. To eliminate such problems in the territories, explanatory work is carried out among entrepreneurs.

Following the event, experts answered questions from entrepreneurs.

Press Service of

Karakalpak Kengash

of UzLiDeP

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