Campaigns impress

16.10.2019, 15:32

Campaigns impress

Currently, activities are underway in Fergana region on preparations for the elections, which will be held on December 22 this year. A special role in this process is played by outreach events organized by the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople — the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. Organization of campaigns with participation of famous artists and in the format of shows, quizzes, dialogues promotes rapprochement with people, to be on the same wave.

Elevated mood reigned at the campaign held in Altyaryk district of the region, known worldwide for its industry, entrepreneurs and dehkans, who know how to grow flowers on stones.

The program began to the sounds of karnais and surnais and the appeal of entrepreneurs, athletes, other citizens to express opinions about the party and support its ideas.


– The country is on the eve of an important political process, elections to the parliament and local councils of deputies will soon be held. Before the start of the elections, political parties will develop their pre-election programs. We will take part in conduction of campaigns of the party and fully support the ideas of UzLiDeP in preparing a draft pre-election program. Recently, a discussion of new projects was held in our district. A number of suggestions were made. Especially timely was the proposal for further development of private medicine. Because it will contribute to prolonging life and strengthening the health of citizens, – said Rasuljon Dehkonov, deputy of Altyaryk District Kengash.

The campaign in Baghdad district under the motto “Our criterion is the well-being of every person, every family!” was also impressive.


Participants of the event, the First Deputy Chairman of Fergana Regional Kengash Nafisakhon Elchiyeva and senior official of UzLiDeP Political Council Barnokhon Abdullayeva noted that the party is currently working on the basis of the Action Strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its pre-election program has been developed on this basis.

The events continued with performances by Honored Artists of the Republic of Uzbekistan Kilichbek Tojiyev, Tulkinjon Khaydarov, Dilfuza Ismoilova and pop singers.


At the events, citizens were provided with information about the activities of the party.

Shokhsulton Tukhtamatov,

Press Secretary of Fergana

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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