UzLiDeP Congress approves the Pre-Election Program and candidates for deputies (+Photo Gallery)

05.11.2019, 17:54

UzLiDeP Congress approves the Pre-Election Program and candidates for deputies (+Photo Gallery)

On November 5, 2019, Tashkent hosted the IX Congress of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. The Congress is considered the highest governing body of the party. Current issues related to the activities of political forces are considered at the event and important decisions are made.

At the congress of the party, the results of UzLiDeP over the past 5 years were summarized, plans for the near and long term were developed, work on preparing for an important socio-political event – the upcoming elections was discussed in detail, relevant decisions were made on all the issues considered.

These days, the party is actively preparing for the elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regional, district, city kengashes of people’s deputies, which will be held in December this year. In all territories of the country, campaigns of a new format are being organized. The possibilities of the media and social networks are widely used to bring to the general public the ideas and goals of the party during the PR campaigns. Trainings aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of workers and activists of party organizations are held systematically. In general, UzLiDeP is actively preparing for an important political exam. For, this year the elections will be held under the motto “New Uzbekistan – New Elections”. First of all, this is due to the process of democratic reforms carried out within the framework of the Action Strategy on five priority areas for development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 forwarded by the Head of the state. The adoption of the Election Code, formation of another political party in the country and a number of other factors indicate that the upcoming elections will be held at a completely new level, based on the principles of transparency and openness, strong and healthy inter-party competition, the struggle of ideas and programs.

The main goal of UzLiDeP is a worthy participation in the election campaign, which has a particularly important political significance.

At the event, Congress delegates considered the results of the party’s pre-election program announced in 2014. The participants of the event unanimously noted that the tasks outlined in the Action Strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan were the priority in the party’s activities.

UzLiDeP, being the leading political power, has assumed responsibility for the results of the reforms, and uses every opportunity to justify the confidence of voters and representatives of the electorate.

The party constantly supports reforms and policies led by the Head of the state aimed at stable economic growth, improving the wellbeing of people, and strengthening the confidence of compatriots in the future. As the speakers at the event admitted, during the past period significant results have been achieved in updating society and modernizing the country, the economy is developing steadily, positive transformations are taking place in industry, trade, construction, foreign investments, modern machinery and technologies are being introduced into production, and the share of the private sector is increasing in gross domestic product. It is gratifying that UzLiDeP also makes a significant contribution to this positive process.

Decrees, resolutions, normative-legal documents adopted in recent years, aimed at improving the attractiveness of business environment in the country and protecting the private sector, have provided the opportunity to form a solid foundation for free business. Success in this area is clearly manifested in our country occupying a worthy place in the international arena, an annual increase in the share of the sphere in gross domestic product, and an increase in the standard of living of the population. UzLiDeP successfully fulfills the tasks assigned to it to ensure the interests of the class of owners. In particular, the party took an active part in the adoption of almost 40 laws affecting the interests of private business representatives.

Over the past five years, members of the party’s faction in parliament have taken the initiative in drafting nearly 90 draft laws. 427 deputy inquiries were sent to state authorities and administrations, and responses were received to 340 of them. At the initiative of UzLiDeP faction, 6 “Government hours” were held, and hearings were held by the heads of several ministries. This contributed to further development of the private sector, which has become a pillar in the country’s economy.

UzLiDeP deputy groups in local councils of people’s deputies are taking an active part in rapprochement with people, solving problems of the population, and especially, protecting the interests of entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Over the past period, deputy groups held 11,057 hearings, 2,290 control and analytical measures, and 44,035 deputy requests were sent. About 5,000 proposals have been submitted to permanent commissions of local kengashes. Of these, more than 4730 were considered at the sessions, and 2829 decisions were taken.

During the reporting period, considerable work was held to increase the number of party organizations and the number of party members, to improve their qualitative composition. In 2015, the party had 9329 primary organizations, by October 1, 2029 their number reached 12 723. The number of party members increased from 248 379 to 754 820.

At a new stage in the country’s development, dialogue with people has become a priority for every agency and organization. In this regard, over the past two years, working groups have been formed consisting of members of local party kengashes and deputy groups, which have conducted open dialogues with the population, representatives of the electorate and population in order to study the implementation of important programs such as “Every family entrepreneur”, “Youth is our future”, “Obod qishloq” (Prosperous village), “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighborhood). In this process, members of the working group visited nearly 180 thousand families and conducted direct dialogues with hundreds of thousands of people, including entrepreneurs and farmers.

As a result of implementation of the party’s projects, dialogues aimed at creating a favorable investment environment, further development of entrepreneurship, small business, women’s and youth’s entrepreneurship, thousands of women established their own business, thanks to which more than 10 thousand new jobs were created.

At the Congress, it was noted that activity in this direction will continue to be the main task of UzLiDeP.

At the event, Congress participants discussed the updated program and the party’s pre-election program.

It was noted that the political platform of the party was developed in harmony with the Action Strategy and covers the five areas outlined in it.

The most important direction in the party’s pre-election program is the development and liberalization of the economy, and the priority tasks of this direction for the next five years are determined.

The party defined such tasks as creating an attractive business and investment environment, ensuring reliable protection of the rights and guarantees of private property, eliminating barriers and restrictions on development of entrepreneurship, Uzbekistan occupying a worthy place among the 50 leading countries of the world in Doing Business indices, global competition, innovation, industry competitiveness, expanding ties with prestigious international and foreign financial institutions. UzLiDeP is convinced that increasing the investment attractiveness of Uzbekistan is an important and necessary condition for active and stable development of the country, increasing the competitiveness of the economy.

To date, hundreds of legislative documents have been adopted to streamline the entrepreneurship. The party forwards the idea of ​​developing and adopting a unified Code of Investments and Entrepreneurship, accessible to local entrepreneurs and investors, taking into account national legislation and international experience.

The party also outlines promising tasks for modernization and active development of agriculture. Implementation of these tasks until 2035 will ensure a 4-fold increase in production of food products, as well as an increase in fertility of the sown areas of farmer, dehkan and household plots. The party’s plans for the next five years also provide for widespread propaganda among the rural population of the motto “Household lands – a source of additional income!”, strengthening the knowledge and skills among land owners on introducing modern technologies into the agro-industrial system.

At the Congress of the party, issues of active participation in the elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and regional, district, city kengashes of people’s deputies were discussed, delegates approved the Party’s Pre-election program.

Candidates for deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan were nominated.

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